Menus can be specifically designed to suit the individual occasion or corporate event.

We support as many local farmers as we can and in return they supply us with first-class quality produce and meat.

  • For example:
    • Mouthwatering pigs
    • Succulent British Lamb
    • Loin of Beef
    • Flavorsome chickens and Turkeys
    • Fresh farm produce goes into making our in-house speciality salads, pastas and rice dishes.
    • New potatoes and vegetables to accompany our versatile menus prepared just for you.
  • Standard Roast (a.k.a. 'Hog Roll Option')
    • Free-range pig. Lamb or beef
    • Chef to cook and carve
    • Assistant to serve at carvery
    • Bramley Apple sauce/garden mint sauce/Hot English mustard
    • Home-made stuffing
    • Soft or Crusty rolls
    • Good quality disposable solid plates, knives, forks and serviettes
    • 3m x 3m cover for carvery
    • Prices start at £8.95 per person dependent on numbers and location.
  • Whole Hog
    • Free-range pig, lamb or beef
    • Chef to cook and carve
    • Assistants to serve at carvery
    • Brimley apple sauce/garden mint sauce/English mustard
    • Home-made stuffing
    • Chilled stainless steel self-serve salad bar consisting of 10 choices of salads, rices, pastas (most of our chilled salads are substituted for hot during colder months)
    • Soft brown and white rolls with butter
    • Vegetarian option
    • Sauces and condiments
    • Good quality disposable solid plates, knives, forks and serviettes
    • 3m x 3m cover for carvery
    • Price calculated depending on numbers (prices start from £15.95 per person)


  • Additional extras if requested
    • Spit roast chicken or turkey
    • Hot new potatoes with melted butter
    • Filled jacket potatoes
    • Roasted vegetables
    • Crockery tableware (full table settings available)
    • Waiters,waitresses and bar people
    • Please note - we take into account special dietary needs too.

All prices are subject to addition of VAT.

Expert carvers are available, so you can look after your guests.
We'll prepare everything for you.
Catering at Whitstable Castle

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Catering for 50 to 2000.
2000 to cater for? No problem.
Salad bars are available

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Our equipment has the CE mark.

Our machines are CE marked so you can be assured of their quality.