BBQ Menu:

Hog roasting

  • Jumbo Hot Dogs ( brockwurst style)
  • Jumbo Chilli Hot Dogs
  • Jumbo Bratwurst (white sausage)
    Or traditional English sausages
  • Texan Quarter pounder beef burgers
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • Farm house Cheddar Cheese
  • Fried Onions
  • Warm BBQ Sauce
  • Includes 3 salads

please ask for a price.

BBQ Menu: 2

Master Carver to cook

Assistant to serve at the carvery

Wagyu Hot dogs 95 g

Wagyu Beef Burgers

Baby back ribs

Chicken Buffalo  wings (hot and spicy)

Chicken Legs  Plain,  piri piri, or jerked 

Corn On the cob.

Farm house Cheddar Cheese

Fried Onions 

Vegan Option:  Spicy bean Burgers, Beet & Quinoa burger, or Moroccan cauliflower roulade

Includes 3 salads

All our bbq options are interchangeable  please ask for a bespoke bbq menu

New selection

Buffet Menu


We have below a selection of our basic menu’s Any of these options are changeable to suit your own personal requirements.

 1. Classic selection :

Selection of Sandwiches,  smoked salmon bagels,  mini scotch eggs , mini pork pies  buffet sausages rolls, party Quiche assortment.  Crisps dips etc.

  1. Savoury  selection :

Mixed Croline puff pastry  Selection Cheese, Ham  Salmon,  Mini Peppered steaks pies,  Mini chicken  and Bacon pies, Mini Savoury puff pastry tart selection, chicken satay

  1. Sweet  selection :

 Assorted Truffel selection, petti fours selection, mini chocolate  cups Italian selection , la Boulangerie French macaroon Selection